Dr Power registration process

Dr Power requires access to your Smart Meter data.

Below are screenshots stepping through the registration process for all California electric utilities.

Click on the thumbnail of the screenshots on the left to enlarge them.

Select your California utility below to continue with their detailed authorization flow.




PG&E registration process begins here

That's the end of the PG&E registration flow.



SCE registration process begins here



SDG&E Green Button Connect not yet supported for Dr Power

HEA's Dr Power app is next in the queue for integration with SDG&E's new OAuth-based Green Button Connect service. We expect the integration to be complete within the next few months.

Until then, we suggest logging into your SDG&E account and trying out our "Unplug Stuff" service, which is integrated to SDG&E's site through their initial FTP-based service. Then we'll automatically let you know when Dr Power is supported for your utility.