Your easy guide to fixing energy leaks in your home

Not sure how to reduce your energy use? Dr. Power is a free app that helps you find electronics and appliances that use electricity even when you think they're turned off, devices that contribute to your always-on electric load. The wasted energy from these devices increases your power bill, but Dr. Power will recommend low- or no-cost ways to reduce it.

How did Dr. Power get so smart? It’s mostly thanks to smart meters themselves. Dr. Power analyzes the enormous amount of data that smart meters record in more than 60 million U.S. residences, measuring electricity used every hour. Dr. Power uses your home’s smart meter data to analyze your always-on energy use then guides you through a list of appliances to show how much each contributes to the load. These appliances leak energy even when they are not in use and contribute to an unnecessarily large energy bill. 

Dr. Power was developed by HEA as part of the California Energy Commission's EPIC program and is free to all California residents.