From experts....

Art Rosenfeld, California's ‘godfather’ of EE:  “HEA on-line software [is] well-organized, user-friendly and inexpensive – it is offered free by my county, Alameda… It also has clear, interesting graphics.”

Gil Masters, Building Science expert at Stanford University:  “Yes, I did run my [home] through your system….  very impressive and informative. I'm now a big fan of what you're doing.”

Jeff Byron, past Commissioner at the CEC:  “I believe [HEA’s] work will be transformational and have widespread applicability in reducing energy waste and in saving money for consumers.” 

Pierre Delforge, NRDC: “Smart meter data offers innovative opportunities for accurate and low-cost data collection on residential energy consumption… [HEA’s] software platform will constitute a valuable research tool for demonstrating the use of smart meter data for energy efficiency policy purposes.”

From happy clients...

"Elegant, useful, very informative. Well done."

"First of all, I'd like to thank HomeIntel very much for their assistance. Even better, it's really great to talk to experts who do not have a sales axe to grind. My electricity bill after the HomeIntel audit dropped over 35% from the previous month's bill and over 50% from the previous year for the same time period. I'm very pleased."

"I thought it was very thorough.  I am LEED AP and Green Point Rater, so I am pretty familiar with the topic.  I do my best to minimize my energy use, but somethings are not my control ... It was very useful for me."

"Thank you for an amazing education on energy and my home."

"Great analysis. should be available to every household."

"I really like what you've done. I work in the commercial energy management software space (non-intrusive load disaggregation). Your coarse analytics with just utility data is superb. Keep up the good work--I hope it's catching on!"

“It was perfect. I love it!”

"I can't believe how helpful this has already been. $115 PG&E bill this months !! It hasn't been that low in the 15 years we've owned this house. You've convinced me to buy an energystar fridge as I can see a fairly short payback period."

“Extremely informative and a real eye-opener. I knew in our house we were wasting energy, but I had NO idea how much.”

"A really great app, this service provides useful data about my home! Thank you for putting this together!"

“it is wonderful program. it really helps me understand how I used energy in my house. thanks"

“Even in a household without High Energy usage there are still steps I can take. Thanks. Far more useful than I expected.”

"The useage charts are an outstanding profile of my [utility] account."

"This is an outstanding service for which we are most grateful. Thank you very much."

"Great info! Especially like breakout by category, specific topics and comparison to similar homes in area. Great site!"

"The breakdown was very valuable.  My usage was higher than similar homes in areas that I had not expected."

"What an eye opener! I thought I was very frugal and consciences about saving energy."

"The information was broken down well with good examples and visuals."

"You should advertise your service on [my utility's] bill statement. People who are interested in saving energy will be happy to find this tool"

"This is a great tool for doing a home energy analysis. It shows some areas where I will look to decrease our home energy use. This was very informative."

"I will be emailing all my friends to let them know about the program."

"This was awesome! Really clear step-by-step instructions, with great writing. It felt very human. I even said out loud, "What filters?" before selecting the HVAC filter option... and there it was, my exact words!"

"The response to survey questions was refreshingly fast and much appreciated."

"Thanks very much for providing this. I live in a condo complex and am on the board. We are about to create a new website for the community and I will be sure to include this assessment as a recommended tool for everyone."

"I find the analyses to be interesting, especially the comparisons between my use and that of average Californians and average households in [my town]. I will try to apply the suggestions over the next few months."

"It's surprisingly good. If the data could be linked to specific devices (difficult I know) it would be even better."

"Very clear"

"Thanks for this service. Maybe we can finally find the waste."

"I noticed a typo in one of the screens, you might want to spell check them all. Otherwise this is fantastic, nice job! :)"

"Good job. Like where this is going."

"Thank you for this service. Everyone should learn about how they use energy. We should all strive to do more with less. I'm shocked at how little electric energy we use compared to the average in my city. The shocking part is how much others use/waste"

"Very useful information. Agrees with what I already know about our use."

"I think it is very clear and concise."

"just right"

"This analysis confirmed my sense that there is very little energy waste in our house. That's good to know."

"I think you are doing a good job now"

"I liked seeing the times of the day that the electricity usage spiked. Helpful in trying to discover where the electricity is going!"

"Good amount of text and graphics. thanks"

"It is an excellent way to get to know your energy usage; and apply the recommendations to conserve."

"Info is good"

"The information was very clear and concise."

"This was somewhat helpful. It's great that I have become more aware of possible energy wasters and problems with insulation/leaks."

"I am dumbfounded that I am such a high energy user. I have replaced all my windows and all appliances with a huge remodel to improve this. I only have LED lights! I think I need someone to come to the house to verify!" [HEA comment: We sent help.]

"I found this to be a useful tool."

"Overall it was a good experience going through the process, some things are obvious, but it did have information everyone can take advantage of by learning more about their uses of energy and therefore being more conscious about the costs and wastes."