Save Energy this Month

A no cost program for PG&E customers.

  1. Find your energy waste through an online Smart Audit of your PG&E data.
  2. Uncover simple fixes to lower your bill. 
  3. Your Energy Coach is there to help. 

Join the 6,000 PG&E customers who have saved 13% of energy on average in previous programs. Learn about past programs here.

Eligibility: Free to all PG&E customers who have 12 months of smart meter data and do not have solar electric panels.

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Smart Audit analyzes your smart meter data to create you home's energy profile. 



Smart Audit helps you identify areas of energy waste and how much you can save. 



Your personal energy coach is here to help with your Smart Audi customer waste reduction plan.



Monthly progress reports based on your energy data tell you exactly how well you're doing.


What Customers Are Saying


...(my coach) was extremely knowledgable and kind and went above and beyond to help me reduce my electricity consumption. It is the best service and I truly advise everyone to use it...  HomeIntel client 11/2017


By eliminating some items and putting others on electronic timers we have reduced our energy consumption significantly without any effects on our normal life. We urge every member of our community to take advantage of the services...HomeIntel client 10/2017


We signed up for the HomeIntel Smart Audit program and really didn’t expect much.  Boy, were we wrong! ... (our coach) found a few areas that were big energy drains, helped us find ways to overcome them, and followed up with us as promised.  We would highly recommend this program!...HomeIntel client 1/2018