Big energy bills? Not sure what to do?

Your home is unique. Effectively reducing energy use requires specific knowledge. HomeIntel is here to do just that: create a custom energy reduction plan based on how energy is used in your home.

 You start by creating an energy profile of your home using Smart Audit, our proprietary smart meter analysis software. Smart Audit automatically accesses your PG&E account for energy data and then guides you through an interactive tutorial showing how energy is being used. From there we help you build a plan to save energy and money, and reduce GHG emissions. Smart Audit sends you reports each month showing your progress.

This is a new PG&E funded program available to all PG&E customers at no cost who:

  • Have lived in their residence for a year or more.

  • Do not have solar PV installed.

Quick Question?

If you have a question about reducing your gas or electricity bill, we suggest our friends over at It’s a place where people share ideas around lowering utility bills. They also have a Q&A where anyone can ask experts in the field for answers and tips.