Connecting to PG&E

If you'd like someone to walk you through, contact  Someone can walk you through over the phone.

Click on the orange "Connect" button to begin.

Step 1: Sign In

If you have access to the username and password for your PG&E online account, simply sign in.  This information may be saved on your browser already.  If you are having problems signing in or don't have an online account, try Guest Access (see below).


...Or Use Guest Access

First, go get one of your PG&E bills.  Click on the "Guest Access" tab. 


Enter your PG&E account number as shown on your monthly bill.  Then, enter the phone number for the account.

Step 2:  Share with HEA HomeIntel

Next, you will see a screen to share your data with "Home Energy Analytics (HomeIntel)".

Click the SUBMIT button.  If you use Guest Access, you may need to enter an email.  When PG&E is finished, you will be redirected back to and see a screen like the one below.  Choose your login option for (HomeIntel), and you're done.  

If you're still having problems, contact