Do you have big energy bills? We can help.

Your home’s energy usage is unique. Our specific knowledge of potential energy leaks in your home can help you identify areas where your appliances are wasting energy.

HomeIntel is  a new energy saving program for PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), SCE (Southern California Edison) and SoCalGas customers. We do an online Smart Audit of your home’s energy use then assign you a personal energy coach to help you make low- or no-cost changes that will reduce your energy use. HomeIntel is available to all residential customers of PG&E and SCE/SoCal Gas at no cost.

Start by creating a Smart Audit account which grants us access to the information in your home’s smart meter.

  • Have a smart meter installed to measure your home's energy use,
  • Have lived in your residence for a year or more, and
  • Not have solar PV installed.

HomeIntel supports California's aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals. Using smart meter data, Smart Audit measures the energy you're saving and reports back to you on a monthly basis.

If this is a free program, how does HEA make money? We earn money from the power companies only when we help you reduce your energy use. So we have a big incentive to help you save as much energy as possible, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost. It’s a win-win proposition, especially for the environment.