Reduce wasted energy first.

Are you considering solar? It's a great way to lower both your carbon footprint and energy bill. Get rid of wasted energy before you size the system to get the most out of your investment.

HEA has been helping PG&E customers reduce their energy bills since 2011.  Over 3,700 households have used HEA online software to remotely analyze their energy use and receive targeted  low- and no-cost recommendations to reduce it. Some reduced their electric use by over 25%! On average, users see a reduction of over 5%.

Why reduce energy use before you install PV? Because you can save a lot of money by getting a smaller, more appropriate system. Even a 5% reduction equates to a lot of panels. The California Energy Commission refers to this as the Loading Order, or "Reduce, then Produce".

If you are considering a new solar PV system and have a PG&E smart meter, sign up here for a free analysis before you do.

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