Introducing Share The Savings

In March 2015 HEA became the first residential energy efficiency company to offer a guaranteed service to help you lower your energy bills: if we're not successful helping you save energy and money, there's no charge.

Our only fee is a percentage of your actual savings in the months following your signup: we will never show you annoying ads or share your contact information with others ("referral partners") who might try to sell you solar PV panels, a new furnace, water heater, insulation, etc. Our only goal is to help you reduce your energy bill.

How it works

After we analyze your home energy use and provide simple, customized energy saving recommendations for you, we'll automatically monitor your energy use and bills on a monthly basis. We will ONLY charge your credit card if you achieve new savings, and we will only compare apples-to-apples: we adjust the portion of energy used for heating and cooling to take into account any changes in weather patterns from one year to the next.

You only share the first year of savings with us: if the savings persist, you keep the rest. 

So if we identify a simple way to save $10 the first month and every month thereafter, you'd save $120 per year. You share that first year of savings with us, but keep all the future savings. It adds up quickly!

As an example, the chart below shows actual monthly energy bills (in red) from one of our customers over a period of three years. Blue shows the "shared" savings, and green shows their net savings. They continued to find new savings over the entire period.

Another way to show the same information is to highlight the change in their average monthly bill, using a rolling 12 month average, like this:

As shown above, this user's average bill dropped from over $300 per month to under $100 per month, and these savings did NOT require a major remodel.

As with most modern homes, big savings can result from simple changes in electronics, appliances, schedules, and occupant behavior. It's easier than you think... but the first step is to understand where the energy is going, and this is often difficult. But we can do it with smart meter analytics.

The Details

  • Online PG&E "MyEnergy" account and a PG&E smart meter required, and must have 12 months of historic data for the home being analyzed.
  • Homes with Solar PV systems can not be analyzed.
  • We will analyze both electric and natural gas use.
  • To determine your savings, we compare a rolling 12-month period to the 12 month period prior to your registration. 
  • We adjust heating and cooling loads for changes in weather using local HDD/CDD data so you won't be charged if your bill drops due to a mild winter.
  • If your energy use drops because of a change in occupancy we'll refund the associated charge for the first month after the change.
  • If you save energy in your home but electric rates increase and you pay the same or more, we don't get paid. So we have to help you save at least enough energy to offset any rate increases.
  • If you save energy in your home but your electric use goes up because you start charging an electric vehicle, we don't get paid. But that's ok because we care about carbon emissions and you'll be using less gasoline.
  • If you don't save money it's free.
  • If you find and report a bug it's free until we fix it.
  • If our analysis is wrong we'll refund any related charges until it's fixed.
  • You can cancel your account at any time, with no cancellation fee.

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